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Tesco Bank is a British retail bank which was formed in July 1997 (as Tesco Personal Finance), and which has been wholly owned by Tesco plc since 2008. The bank was formed as part of a 50:50 joint venture between The Royal Bank of Scotland and Tesco, the largest supermarket in the United Kingdom.

A very angry customer mentioned, "Terrible communication from them, they don’t do what they say they will. Would avoid Tesco at all costs!!!"


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Former Employee - Financial Assistant says

"Management are bullies. You dont progress unless your face fits. They don't care about mental health at all. They dont take any opinions in to consideration other than their own. When something does not work they have an "oh well" attitude. They promote people who sexually harrass women (but do it within different departments) If you dont fit in then they want you out of there."

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"Every major project or initiative in my time at Tesco Bank has been an undeniable failure. The business lags behind its competitors in almost every regard and the gap is widening. Tesco Bank doesn't have the leadership, vision or talent needed to become a successful business. Pay and benefits are uncompetitive which has lead to poor recruitment and people being promoted above their ability as the business cannot attract the right people. Workloads have increased considerably in many departments while staff numbers have been cut. Its not uncommon to hear of people working weekends or 10-12 hour days on a regular basis. External consultancy is sought to the point that Tesco Bank seems incapable of running its own affairs. I don't know if the senior leadership team lack faith in their own ability, the ability of their employees, or both. Decision making at senior levels is slow. Relatively minor decisions often take so long that the time wasted causes more damage than if the least optimal path had been taken at the start. The overall strategy and direction of the business keeps changing in a way that often feels confused and contradictory."

Former Employee - C S R says

"No work life balance Higher managements are terrible and only think about how they can get higher. Bar one or two who do care! They spend a lot of time talking about how to control stress but cause stress in the first place. Hard to get holidays. No parking If you do try and succceed they will set you up to fail. Very cliquey. Pay and systems are not the best."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Attitude towards staff Policies Flexible working (lack of) Management behaviour Bullying Pay Work/life balance Only get on if you are friendly with the line manager above you (I have been promoted within this company and still feel this way)"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"A lot of managers micro manage, struggle for work life balance depending on the area of the business"

Former Employee - Credit Card Customer Services Reprenstative says

"Low pay Incompetant managers who dont know anything. All managers in with each other so if your face fits you're fine if not then goodluck Lots of tick box exercises and dont value staff just a number"

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"Dont look after customers Dont deal with customer complaints effectively or treat customers fairly Management decide which customers to help and which ones not to"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Inflexible shift pattern, Introduction of targets when all members were meeting nominal targets anyway, meaning the targets would be tightened in future. Poor leave booking system that could not be altered."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Very cliquey terrible management no people skills treated like a leper. Stole my overtime when I left and forwarded private emails to the team. Training and quality analysts are appalling."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Being “led” by people you wouldn’t even hire to work for you. Awful blame culture. Most areas can’t work well with each other, despite most of the leadership team being old friends. Brought in very expensive consultants just to get people to talk to each other rather than weeding out the toxicity, now even basic things are a full on negotiation."

Shoncee Goosey says

"Poor!! They have effected our credit score and getting a house after we cleared our 25k loan during a pandemic due to one late payment! Tried to call and got no help what so ever!! Some company! Disgraces!! These big chain banks should be sorted out! Disgusting!!!"

Ned says

"Account access issues. Filed formal complaint after appalling customer service. Complaint upheld so it's verified!"

John Brooks says

"Avoid Tesco for home insurance! I called them simply to ask a question regarding my cover after some water escaped under my bath. This was logged down as a non paid claim. I’m now paying a higher premium for the next 5 years ."

Tacey Cosby says

"Had a someone crash into the side of my car on a roundabout. Brilliant service until I got an email saying they wanted to go 50/50. I disagreed as I knew this was not my fault. How could it have been when he entered the roundabout and hit the passenger side of my car. We were all set for court and 2 days before we were due in court I was advised by Tesco's solicitors they had accepted 50/50 and there was nothing I could do about it. Fuming and I'm taking it further. Oh and still not received 50% of my excess back. I will never use them again!"

Helen Brownless says

"I had a accident Sunday morning 4 days later I have still heard nothing not arrangements for courtesy car"

Simon Turner says

"This is a review of Tesco Bank Box insurance for those having just learnt to drive. It is impossible to contact them, just impossible. My son's box insurance is being automatically renewed (despite our request that it was not automatically renewed at the time we originally took it out) and we have tried every which way to contact them and stop it being auto-renewed. No one answers their phone. They don't ring you back even if you leave your details with the ring-back service. They don't respond on the 'live chat' (with wait times of up to an hour for assistance.. it's 'dead chat' really). And no-one answers queries by Twitter or Facebook. And they don't even have an email address... which would be the very best way to contact them if they are struggling with insufficient staff to cover enquiries. No doubt my son's insurance will be auto-renewed... even though he doesn't even have a car anymore.... and then we'll have to spend even more wasted hours trying to get our money back."

Danii says

"Don't use these for car insurance, had to sell my car under these unusual times. I had paid the insurance up front and with only a couple of months left on the policy they charged me £40 to cancel which was a 2 minute phone call. Do not use !!!!"

M Macleod says

"Avoid these absolute crooks at all costs. After a small escape of water I called them to ask a few questions only regarding my cover . The advisor made it clear nothing would be logged against my account . Of course when renewal time comes this has been logged down and turns out an inquiry is just as bad a claim hence I’m stuck paying higher premiums fir the next 5 years ."

Susanne ackroyd says

"Very poor attitude from their client care service regarding a call I was requested to make following a text message from Tesco bank. Unacceptable Tesco, after I have been a client of yours for over 10 years. Very disappointing."


"The worst bank ever used, genuinely snobbish and don't care solving problems."

hel lo says

"Horrible! No help at all! Kept on transferring me through to other departments. They will blame anyone but them selves."

Nish says

"I shop with Tesco and have a Tesco credit card. For the first time, I had applied for a loan if £25k, on the website it said 2.9%. Then when I applied for the loan, it was bumped up to 10.9%! 12 months later, they sent the first loan statement and have added the interest payment to it too. Normal banks don't even do this. So to settle the loan, I contacted them. 12 months on, I have paid £27955 in total for 12 months so that is a massive £2955 of interest payments for 12 months. A total scam. I certainly won't be using Tesco bank any more! Go onto any loan calculators and I should have paid £26429 for 12 months. This is roughly £1500 more."

Tracy Beavill says

"Tesco car insurance is a total rip off! They wanted to auto renew my policy, i couldn't get through to them to cancel it. I shopped for a new deal and found a better deal with more features for £20 less, guess who it was? Tesco! When i tried to buy the new policy, the next screen 'couldn't / wouldn't put me through'! I have tried calling, gone through contact us and even complaints, there is no way of communicating with them! Historically, i buy my insurance through Compare the Market and make good use of the Meerkat Meal offers. So i have now lost this as well. I also wanted to pay by DD this time, but they've auto renewed taking the full amount out of my bank. I have tried different options to call them but each time they hang up on me. This is bordering on a scam and i will be taking the matter further. DO NOT TAKE INSURANCE COVER FROM TESCO BANK, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!"

HarryH says

"Poor customer services whose main aim when answering a complaint/query seems to be to blame anybody but themselves. I have my doubts that this bank will be around this time next year. PS Backed up by a recent Which? report showing them as the worst bank for customer service"

Laura Mac says

"I have a current account with Tesco. It has some good qualities - for example, I get clubcard points. Other than that, they are really bad. Their online and app functionality is genuinely so bad. It’s difficult to navigate, you can’t view pending transactions, you can’t manage DD’s/standing orders in the app. Their faster payments are not fast (I know technically they’re allowed up to 24 hours but other banks are instant, Tesco is definitely not), their services frequently go down (at least once a week) and they go offline for planned maintenance every Saturday evening right through to Sunday morning - so don’t expect access at the weekend! If considering Tesco bank, I would think again. They are an age behind more established banks with their processes. If you are an app user/online banker this is 100% not the bank for you."

G Dubya says

"Recent changes almost make the app unusable , if you do anything with more than 2 character ...ie over £100 the app cuts off the values on the screen so you have to change to landscape ....oh but you can’t ...why change something to a format that is much worse . YUK !!!"

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